In my Google Sheet, the range B2:2 contains mostly empty cells, but some cells contain strings. I would like to print these strings into a transposed list beginning at A12. This list should exclude all empty cells and should print (in consecutive cells) all the strings in B2:2.

So far, I've tried =ArrayFormula(INDEX($B$2:$E$2, 0, SMALL(IF(NOT(ISEMPTY($B$2:$E$2)), COLUMN($B$2:$E$2)), ROW(1:1)) as various websites and Stack Exchange answers have suggested, and =ArrayFormula(INDEX($B$2:$E$2, 0, SMALL(IF($B$2:$E$2<>"", COLUMN($B$2:$E$2)), ROW(1:1)). However, these formulas have only simply transposed the entire range beginning at A12 when the B2 is filled. When B2 is not filled, no values appear.

How should I proceed?


If I understood correctly, a combination of filter (which filters out the empty cells, keeping only the non-blank cells) and transpose, should work:

=transpose(filter(B2:2, len(B2:2)))
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