This spreadsheet tracks live song ratings for a popular band. Users input their score in their own column and those scores are averaged into a community score (Column E). Those song averages are averaged together to get a "show average" that is also in Column E but will never be close to the top 10 song averages so it should mess up this feature.

I am trying to have an automatic updating list that retrieves the top 10 rated songs (from column E) and lists them in descending order (highest rated at top). I can use the MAX value to get these ascending scores but am stuck in how I retrieve the other data (Columns A,B,C,D) that are the actual info corresponding to that song.

Here is a picture that should help: enter image description here

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Maybe something like:

=ARRAY_CONSTRAIN(query(A:E,"select * order by E desc"),10,5)

10 for the number of rows and 5 for all the columns.

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