What is or can be done to add two cells, that return a time equation?

I deal with multiple time entries and have to enter them in a standard format of 4:45 hours or 4:25 hours. I have a decimal converter set up so it will convert it to 4.50, etc.

What I need is a formula that, with the 4 in one cell and the 45 in another, will feed a third cell with the number 4:45 which in turn can feed the fourth cell which is my decimal converter.

I would like it to work like http://www.springfrog.com/converter/decimal-time.htm . That way I can just input the two separate numbers and get my converted total.

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I think you need the time() function. e.g:

A1= hour B1 = minutes in C1, try:

=TIME(A1, B1, 0)

More like the given example (ie including seconds) and assuming hours are in A1, minutes in A2 and seconds in A3:


avoids the need for the "decimal converter".

Alternatively, if the data is being entered as 4:25 before being separated manually, skip the separation and apply:


(ignores seconds).


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