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In Gmail, how do I set the default email address for a contact that has two email addresses?

In Gmail, with a contact that has multiple email addresses, how do I set the default email address?

The order in which they are defined does not seem to have affect. Also the "tag" home/work/other does not seem to have affect.

Is it, perhaps, some sort of "most used at the top" kind of thing?


I don't think there is a way to mark an email as a default. I think Gmail sorts the email initially based on the Contact Name and then on the actual Email Address.

For instance for a contact name Barry O'Connor with one email as barry.oconnor@sin and the other is barryoconnor@gm (I haven't put the whole email address here)

If you type barry in the To: box it will display both email addresses. Type an . or a an o it will filter down to one email address.

If you type the full contact name Barry O'Connor then you have to choose which email to use from the box.

I would have uploaded images to explain this but there seems to be a problem with Imgur.com at the moment.

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