Input: column of Google keys for spreadsheet that contains tables with some data, eg:

date | refNum | Name | Description

Require: a sheet that will contain a merged table with data from spreadsheets referenced by keys.

Actual Results:

for two cells that contains two spreadsheet keys


I tried the next formula:

=ARRAYFORMULA( {importrange(C21, "A13:C23" ) ; importrange(C22, "A13:C23" )})

and it is working well, but what I need, is something more autamatic, to not be in situation to modify every time the formula when I add a new spreadsheet key.

Does anybody know HOW TO get it?

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One alternative is to use CONCATENATE or the ampersand operator to create the formula for you, but the result will be a text. Then copy, paste as value and edit the result to have a working formula.

You could automate this with Google Apps Script.

CONCATENATE - Docs editors Help
Extend Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms with Apps Script - Docs editors Help

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