I have a subscription collection of 72 channels. The problem I have is that only the channels I added most recently are displayed in the timeline -- older ones their new uploads aren't shown. Whether I sort it on "Uploads Only" or "All Activity" does not make a difference.

Is this a known problem? Is there a fix or should I look into alternatives?


I didn't find the issue as known problem in the Youtube Help Center nor in the Youtube Help Forum, just few threads but without any conclusive declaration, solution nor recommendations.

As a workaround consider to split your collection in smaller sets. Start creating one with around half of the size of the collection with the problem, i.e. 30. If the problems persists, repeat until you find the collection size that works properly.

Also consider to report the issue to Youtube.

References from the YouTube Help Center
Known issues
Report a YouTube issue

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  • Seems like this is the problem at hand indeed. I'll submit a bugreport in the coming days but I don't have much hope for a fix considering the lack of (useful) response to the existing topics. Thanks for looking! – Jeroen Vannevel Apr 25 '15 at 17:51

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