I find that comments to posts I have made (on my wall or to FB Groups) get buried among all the Likes and other notifications. While I'm as narcissistic as the next person, I'd rather ignore the Likes.

Is there a way to view ONLY comments made to my posts? Or perhaps a Notification Setting? (I looked and can't see that level of granulatiry. Just "Activity Involves You" (but that could be a Like of my Post or a Comment)

  1. Log in your account.
  2. Go to your Profile.
  3. There you can see an "View Activity Log" click on that.enter image description here

  4. There you can see your comments, likes, new added friends, pages liked, updated profile.

  5. There you can delete, hide your comments.
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There isn't a way to do this natively.

The closest will be

"Posts in <Group> by me commented on by people in <Group>"

switch <Group> for group name


For groups another way will be to just search for your name when using the search feature in the group.

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