I have a Google Sheets where I am using this query to pull data from another sheet:

=QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("**SHEETLOCATION**","Master Customer!A1:u10000"),"Select Col3 Where (Col18='Survey Complete' and Col19='Installation Booked')")

Is it possible to change the values it is searching dynamically so Survey Complete would reference to a cell value, for example:

Where (Col18='**Value of E3**')

so I can have the Values in a drop down within E3 and the formula would change with the result?

I have tried to use the INDIRECT function but to no avail.



=QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("SHEETLOCATION","Master Customer!A1:u10000"),"Select Col3 Where Col18='"&E3&"' and Col19='Installation Booked' ")

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