I'm familiar with searching a specific website on Google.


I'm in a situation where I need to exclude a certain folder. Which I would have expected to be as follows.

site:yahoo.com -site:yahoo.com/sports/

Is this possible? If so how.

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You can AND searches.

I just tested
test site:yahoo.com AND -site:yahoo.com/sports/
which returned something from sports.yahoo.com in with the rest,
so I tried
test site:yahoo.com AND -site:yahoo.com/sports/ AND -site:sports.yahoo.com

which looked good

  • I'm pretty sure AND is the default, so test site:yahoo.com -site:yahoo.com/sports/ -site:sports.yahoo.com should have the same results.
    – ale
    Feb 15, 2017 at 20:09

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