I don't want the entire world to see who I am friends with on Facebook.

How do I control who can see my list of friends?


To adjust who can see your Friends section:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Click Friends below your cover photo.
  • Click at the top of the page and select Edit Privacy from the dropdown menu.
  • Select an audience (ex: Friends, Public, Only me) to choose who you share your friend list with on your profile.

This is well explained on Facebook help page: Who can see the Friends section of my profile


Follow these simple steps.

  • Click the “Friends” button underneath your cover photo. This will open a list of all of your friends.
  • Click the “Manage” button. This is the little square button next to the “+Find Friends” button. It has a pencil icon on it.
  • Select “Edit Privacy”. This will open a new window where you can adjust your privacy settings for your friends list.
  • Select your privacy options. Next to “Friend List”, click the drop-down menu to see your privacy options. If you don’t want anyone to see your friends list, select “Only Me”. You can also set it to a custom setting, or to one of the lists you’ve created.


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