I created an account and am testing Cognito forms. I created 1 form and then copied it to create two other forms.

The first form I created is called Source Resonance Healing First Time Session. The third form I created, using the first as a starting place, has the name Animal Communication Intake Form.

The first form I tested as a live form with with actual data is the Animal Communication Intake Form. In the email notification I received, the subject line is telling me that I have received a Source Resonance Healing form, but that is incorrect.

The forms list by their correct names while I'm on the Cognito form builder pages and when I go to embed them into a wordpress page on my site.

How do I fix this problem so that the email subject line is telling me and the customer the correct name of the form they filled out?

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Well, I figured it out. It had to do with some of the fields on the left-hand side bar related to the SUBMIT button. I had forgotten to edit them. Now that I have, the problem is resolved.

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