I would like to use this template to log bi-weekly hours. It is almost perfect except that there is no column for overtime hours.

How would I add an overtime hours logging column that would add the overtime hours and add them at a different rate?

For example this template allows for setting a pay rate. If the original rate is $35 per hour but overtime hours are 1.5X the rate how can I log the overtime and have them reflected in the total at the higher rate?



Only Template Owners can update their templates. You could create a spreadsheet based in that template, then publish a new version of the template (be sure to give the proper attribution) or just create a copy of the modified spreadsheet for your own use.

Below there is a list of changes that you could consider to do in your own copy.

Regulars Hours (Column G)


Overtime Hours (Insert column to the right of Column G, new Column H). To insert a new column select the Column G, then right click over the selected area and select Insert Column to the right


Hourly Rate, Cell H26


Cell J25


Cell I27 (Total Amount Due)



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