In classic Google Maps, I used to be able to show several placemarks at a time. I used this a lot to find hotels or other places of interest near a location I know I would have to go to.

The following was my procedure to do so:

  • Enter 1st address in search bar, hit Return.
  • Enter 2nd address in search bar, hit Return.
  • ...
  • Enter nth address in search bar, hit Return.
  • The popup menu where you could enable/disable transit and traffic info contained a history of all most recently searched for addresses. Enable all those addresses.
  • Each of the addresses is shown with a differently coloured placemark.
  • Zoom out far enough so all placemarks are visible in the map at once.

How can I achieve this in the new Google Maps?

Once I search for a 2nd address, I do not seem to have any way to also still show the first address I displayed before.

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enter image description here

In the top left corner of Google Maps, click "Save" with the star over it.

  • I only see the Directions icon there. How do I get the Save one? Apr 24, 2015 at 22:23

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