I'm trying to filter a column to show cells that contain @ (as in an email address) but when I put @ in the filter box it comes up with a blank.

Any ideas?

An example spreadsheet here. Here is also a screenshot:



The characters you enter in the filter box are matched to the beginning of any word in the cell content. So, @ will match "a @ b" or "a @b", but not "a@b".

To filter based on a pattern that is not a beginning of a word, you can use a workaround with REGEXMATCH, e.g., entering in another column:

=IF(REGEXMATCH(A2,"@"),"email","not email")

and then filtering based on that column.

However, the presence of @ does not guarantee you have a valid email there. I recommend using the ISEMAIL function for accurate filtering: create a column with


and then filter on TRUE value in that column.


I've the same trouble, but I need to filter by "/". It's incredible it doesn't exist an "escape" way ...

By now I solved (in a Pivot) creating a filter by condition.

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