Is there a way to find out who voted on my Google Forms poll, given that I required login when created the poll?

Also, on the flip side of the coin, is there a way to authorize only defined users to be allowed to vote?


No, there's no way. Google's help says

Please note that while users will be asked to log in to their Google Account in order to access and fill out the form, their actual usernames will not be recorded.

Some alternative approaches (taken from here):

  • You could make completing the form "inviation only" and email people a unique code that they have to input, then you don't take account of any responses that don't have a valid code that you issued. (They may be in the results - you just ignore them.)
  • If your form is made with a Google Apps user-account, rather than a standard Google account, then you have an option to limit a Google Form to only accept responses from users who are in your domain - and if you do this, the responses-sheet records the person's username as well.

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