How can I save all tweets of a user?

For webpage, I can press Ctrl+S to save the whole webpage. For Twitter, how can I do it?


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To access the tweets of a user, you can quite easily use the Twitter API. Note that this method can only return up to 3,200 of a user’s most recent Tweets.

As a 3rd party app, there is ExportTweet.

< 2024 Mod Edit >Since late 2019 ExportTweet (Web Archive link) has been redirected to spam sites.</ 2024 Mod Edit >

With ExportTweet you can download public tweets of any user. ExportTweet also provide option to setup the scheduler to download user tweets in selective interval.

Ian Anderson Gray wrote in part in his 2013 Quora answer, "Can I archive someone else's tweets?":

It's currently not possible to access more than the last 3,200 tweets due to limits on the API imposed by Twitter. In this article it is said that capacity and infrastructrure issues are to blame. Twitter do store older tweets, and in fact all tweets going back to the beginning, it's just you can't access this from the timeline. You can, however, access an older tweet by knowing it's ID. Technically it could be possible to build a database of older tweets just by accessing them by the ID, but the resulting database would be huge, and go against Twitter's terms.

There are archiving tools available but all that I have found require OAUTH access, which as I mentioned in my question is no good if you are trying to archive someone else's account.


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