I have both a personal and a work GitHub account.

Switching between them is a pain; even though the CLI identity management is doable (1, 2), logging in and out from GitHub's excellent website is extremely annoying.

Is there anything wrong with using a personal GitHub account at work?

Is there formal GitHub advice on this topic?

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    GitHub suggest you don't have two accounts, so you can start from there – Eight Days of Malaise May 1 '15 at 14:48
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    I don't think this question is primarily opinion-based. Github explicitly recommends using your personal account, while the alternative is annoying and error prone. – Jerry101 May 1 '15 at 23:36

Yes. It's recommended that you use your personal github account for work.

On their help page Merging multiple user accounts:

If you have separate accounts for work and personal use, you can merge the accounts.

Tip: We recommend using only one user account to manage both personal and professional repositories.

On their help page Can I create accounts for people in my organization?:

While you can add users to an organization you've created, you can't create personal user accounts on behalf of another person.

Because you access an organization by logging in to a personal account, each of your team members needs a personal account. Once you have user names for each person you'd like to add to your organization, you can add them to teams.

It works.

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