Is it possible that I could see the mobile number of Facebook friends? I saw the following post, but I did not find it because Facebook has changed. How do I get the phone numbers of my Facebook Friends?

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You can get phone number of your friends by going into

His/her profile->About->Personal information 

there you can find his/her mobile number.

If and only if he/she provided his mobile number and also only if it is not secured it totally depends on his/her profile privacy settings.

  1. If the privacy is set to "Public" no matter whoever you are you can get that mobile number.
  2. If is set to "Friends/Friends of Friends" then if you are direct friend of his/her or at least if you have any mutual friends then you can get the number.
  3. If is set to "only me" then there is no way for you to get the number.

The only option, is if they have shared to Only Friends of Only Friends of Friends or Public their phone mumbers. Privacy options in their accounts might intervent in this too.

But it it is the case, you'll able to watch it on Information tab on their FB Profile.


Yes, you can see the mobile number if they keep it as Friends of friends and Public only. If they keep Only to me (privacy) you can't see the phone number, but you can call them in Facebook without knowing their number.

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