Google recommends naming calendar resources, like conference rooms, like this NYC-14-12-Boardroom-15-VC. This means that when a user creates a meeting that will take place in that conference room, the Where field in the calendar invite is set to the name of the conference room (e.g. NYC-14-12-Boardroom-15-VC).

When a user opens a calendar invite and clicks the Map link just below the Where field, understandably, Google Maps can't turn the conference room name into a location. This isn't that big of a deal.

More importantly, the Google Now and Android integrations into a users calendar use the Where field to dynamically remind the user when they need to leave from their current location to reach the destination in a calendar item in time for the meeting. With the Where field containing no information as to the street address of the building that the conference room is in, this integration is not possible.

How can one create a conference room resource that has a street address associated with it? Can the conference room be named in such a way as to contain the street address (e.g. NYC-14-12-Boardroom-15-VC 123 First St. New York, NY 10002)?



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