In Google Drive, how do you find the folder a file is contained in? For example, say you search for a file named big_apple.jpg and find it. Is there a way to know which folder it is in, for example maybe you uploaded it to a folder named pictures?


One way is to view the "File Details" by selecting (single click) the file. The "Location" is shown in the file details in the right column. This is the same whether you are in thumbnail or list view.

In the screenshot below, the selected file is in the folder "TEST".

File Information showing the location in Google Drive

It would probably be more useful if this information was immediately available in list view or something, but it does not seem to be.

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If you want a shortcut, enter in the address field:
https://drive.google.com/drive/#search?q=big apple

After the equal sign enter your keywords. (In this example, "big apple").

On those search results, hit right click on a file, and select Locate in my Drive

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enter image description here

See Image. It'll help I think.

Right click on the file you want to locate and click on Show File Location Button.

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If you did a SEARCH, have the file open and don't know where is located, a workaround could be to set where it will be located... FILE > MOVE and choose a new location for it.

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