I would like to apply a transformation to a table which basically looks like this:

If there is a certain keyword in column A, then the number in column B should be multiplied by 2.

Is that possible with google spreadsheets? if so, how?

  • You could put the calculated value into a new column, but updating the same column is problematic because the cell would continually multiply by 2 when the condition was true due to referencing itself. A script could do this if a new column is out of the question.
    – panhandel
    May 20, 2015 at 21:12

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Add the following formula to the cell C1, and fill down as necessary


IF - Google Editors Help


If you need to do this for multiple values across the board down the entire column for automation purposes, you can also use the following formula:

OR(A:A = "Keyword 1", A:A = "Keyword 2"), 
           IF(A:A = "Keyword 3", 

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