This question specifically applies to Google Documents, not Google Spreadsheets (but if the answer applies to both, all the better).

Google Documents has built-in Keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs. I would like to define my own key binding or shortcut so that I can run a user-defined script on the document directly without using the mouse. For scripts that I want to run often, having a key binding or shortcut I can press saves me wasted motion from having to use the mouse to pull down a menu and run the script.

I have scoured the Google Apps Script APIs and found no mention of allowing this level of customization.

Do I conclude that Google did not include this feature?

I have not investigated possibilities of using Firefox-specific extensions but that would be my next approach (e.g., Greasemonkey).

Note that this is not the same question as asked in How can I create custom keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs?.


There is no built-in functionality for this: see How to create custom keyboard shortcuts for google app script functions?

Instead, you could use a script that triggers a menu option when a key combination is pressed would be the thing to try. This has more to do with scripting your browser (clicking certain page elements on a particular site), so for details I refer to SuperUser, in particular to Is it possible to set keyboard shortcuts on a webpage?

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