I use Google+ auto-backup photos in my smartphone, so there are tons of geotagged photos in my Google+ Photos.

Is it possible to search photos by location? (From desktop webbrowser or smartphone, doesn't matter.)

Or better yet, have a map view with thumbnails of photos dotting the map. I think this is a great feature that iPhones had from long ago, that is still missing in Android phones, BTW.


When I search my photos with a location (e.g., Washington, DC) I only seem to get photos that are geo-tagged for that location, as well as some where the system seems to "guess" the location based on some other criteria. It's not 100% accurate, but it's pretty close, and I'll bet as I use "add location" in the photo's details, it'll get better at showing the appropriate photos by location.

No option for showing them on a map, though. At least, not without some third-party tool.

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