I have a forwarding address [email protected] that forwards to [email protected]. I want to be able to send from my acm.org email, so I tried to add the email in SettingsAccounts and Import, but it didn't work since acm.org isn't an SMTP server—it just forwards everything it gets to my Gmail. How can I send from my acm.org email in Gmail?


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I found the answer here. For security reasons, Gmail requires you to provide an SMTP server for your alias email. However, they don't check that they match up. I just used smtp.gmail.com as the server and my Gmail username and password for the username and password and it worked.

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    I would be careful with this. It's a red flag for spam filters when the from address doesn't match the sending server.
    – heavyd
    May 29, 2015 at 1:06

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