I sometimes need to enter code into an issue I would like to comment on but always struggle. Indenting by four spaces is cumbersome for larger blocks, ticks work weirdly for larger blocks and I keep forgetting the <pre> and <code> tags (and they are cumbersome to write by hand).

Am I missing something or does GitHub lack a markdown editor (like the one here that lets me select a text and then click on "B" in the menu above the editor window to make the text bold)?

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Indeed, Github flavoured markdown is significantly better than the MD supported here on stackexchange.

However, it is true that you don't get a toolbar to help you. It is expected that you know some basics. You can use the toolbar here to help learn some basics if you like though there is a help page linked on Github. Worth learning the github extensions.

For code, the easiest approach is to use 3 backticks on their own line, optionally followed by the code language.

In addition, you can edit things in the WIKI which does have a toolbar.

Alternatively, you can use a text editor that supports MD.

  • Thansk, why that toolbar is not there is a mystery to me still though.
    – sup
    May 30, 2015 at 23:00

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