I have created two Facebook pages, both never published so far, first on March, 9 and second today. While I had absolutely no problems with setting Facebook Web Address for the first page, it seems, that I can't do this for the second one:

  1. When I visit my page's About section and click on Enter a Facebook web address link, I see message saying Your page needs at least 25 fans to have a web address.

  2. When I visit (as instructed) facebook.com/username, when logged in as regular user (not as page), select my page in Page dropdown, enter desired name and click Check availability, I see confirmation, that my name is valid. But when I click Confirm, a message pops, saying that my page does not qualify to have a username.

I have read these questions and answers:

  1. Facebook says vanity URL for page is not available, but it is not used by another page

  2. Unable to set Facebook web address on new page

  3. Why can't I set username for a Facebook Page?

But, it brought no help to me. All of them seems to be claiming, that I need 25 likes to be able to set Facebook Web Address for my webpage. If that's true, then how did I managed to set it for my first page? Both pages are exactly the same -- created, filled with very limited, basic info and unpublished. The only difference between them, is that first (where I was able to change vanity URL) has profile photo uploaded and the second one hasn't. But, I strongly doubt, that this could be the reason.

Was there any change in Facebook's web address creation policy or is there anything, that I didn't done, while I was supposed to do?

How it is possible, that I changed web URL for my first page, that was created three months ago, but I failed to do the same on a page created today?

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    Regarding the link to my question (#2) - I was actually able to set the web address at some point after the page had been created. However, the page had received no more than two likes, so I have no idea what the trigger was?! (It was also over 2 years ago and they've changed their policies a few times since then.)
    – MrWhite
    Jun 3, 2015 at 10:30

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Once you created the page on the same time that page qualify to have a web address. Like count doesn't matter. See the Facebook Help Team's answer on the same question on help community.

I guess sometime Facebook randomly do this for security purpose. Just give a try, add a phone number in your account (in case you have not added) and verify that number. Then try to add a web address for your page from your account(as regular user).


Newest fix and working 100%: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-YbfvT-yl8.

A frame from the above video is:

To recap, for it to really work, you need to add another admin to your page who is NOT yet an admin of any page. Then let him/her set the desired username.

  • Please summarize the video. If the link dies some day, the answer will be left useless. Nov 14, 2017 at 12:06

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