I'm having a lot of trouble getting Twitter's native Facebook connect app to work. It works one day, doesn't work the next, and I find myself wasting hours trying to get everything to sync.

Does this app just not work?

Any other suggestions to reliably send tweets to FB Pages automatically?

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There are plenty of other ways to get tweets sent automatically to Facebook, either to your own timeline or to a page.

I used to use IFTTT. There are a bunch of recipes for this, such as this one.

One caveat: You can only have one Facebook Page (and I think one Twitter account) configured for an IFTTT account. If you've got multiple Facebook pages you'll need multiple IFTTT accounts.

  • Thanks I'll give this a shot. I'm setting up a PBN so I do have multiple sites that I'll need to use this for. – nickyb Jun 5 '15 at 1:56

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