What time of the day does the Google App daily limit of 500 emails reset?

I'm planning on using two providers. If I hit the limit of 500 emails, I want to use the other provider.

But is this a rolling limit, or does the limit reset at 12 PST/EST etc.?

  • Just a suggestion: if you plan to send so many emails, then you should use an appropriate service. I'm a happy user of MailChimp if you need to send newsletters (instead of single-recipient messages), plus it's free to up to 500 recipients and 2500 messages/month. Oct 9, 2010 at 11:46

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The answer is "within 24 hours". I've seen varying times. If you wait 24 hours you should be fine. You could create a mailing list in Google Groups to work around this.

See this help document for more info: Sending Limits


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