For the last couple of months Google News has been offering me a section entitled "Suggested for you", containing one news item. This occurs when I am logged into my Google account on any browser on any machine.

Screenshot of section heading

So far, every single day, it has suggested an item in which I have no interest whatsoever. It is time consuming and irritating to click 'No' on the "Are you interested?" question every day.

I cannot find anywhere in any settings menu the facility to remove "Suggested for you" completely. I can only find options to re-enable the suggestions that I have blocked - which currently runs to well over 100 items.

Is there a setting somewhere to remove this item?

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Stop seeing stories based on past searches

There are several ways to stop Google News from showing stories based on your past searches and browsing activity on Google:

  • Sign out of your Google Account.
  • Browse in incognito (or private) mode.
  • Delete activity from your account.
  • Turn off Web & App Activity.

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