I tried to embed a Google spreadsheet in Medium without success. I could get the post the title but not the data. Knowing that I used the "publish" feature of Google spreadsheet.

If not possible, is there any other tables tool that can do that?


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A published Google spreadsheet is an iframe. At this time, Medium does not allow iframes (source).

I think the best you can do to include a table is to

  1. Convert it into text (here's a handy tool for that).
  2. Post this text as a code block: see How to embed code snippets in Medium?

Naturally, this copy-pasting will create a static snapshot of your spreadsheet, unlike embedding which would allow changes to propagate.

  • The table gets broken for long rows unfortunately, thanks for the suggestion though.
    – Anas
    Jun 10, 2015 at 19:39
  • Well, then I would embed a fragment of table to give users an idea of what's in there, and put a link to published sheet.
    – user79865
    Jun 10, 2015 at 19:54

Medium now allows to embed a table via Airtable.

Source: Medium: Embed Tables With Airtable


I would recommend you using Sheetsu Table creator. It’s a creator where you copy a shareable link from a spreadsheet, customize table and add your outcome link directly into your story on Medium. Works perfectly. Here is an example :)


I'd recommend you RowShare, an online interactive table that allows automatic update. It comes with an iframe code which you just need to copy to Medium. I wrote an article which explains about this. Please have a look: https://www.rowshare.com/blog/en/2017/10/10/How-to-Embed-Tables-in-Your-Website


A streamlit dataframe can be connected to google sheets and embedded into a medium blog. Have a look here: https://docs.streamlit.io/knowledge-base/tutorials/databases/public-gsheet and here for free hosting of your streamlit app: https://streamlit.io/cloud

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