When checking settings of custom labels in Google Inbox, one can see the filters that are used to put emails there. However, such setting is not available for the special labels e.g. Purchases, Finance, Updates, etc.

Now, I do realize that there is a classifier underneath (unlike custom labels), but when an email is moved to the label, you are still being asked if all emails from this address should be moved there. It would be good to see which addresses were marked this way. Is it possible?

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    I expected this to be visible as a filter in Gmail interface. Indeed, Google says: "When you [...] choose the "Always do this" option when moving emails, a filter will be created in Gmail." However, after testing this I did not find a filter for moving to Purchases; possibly because Gmail doesn't have Purchases category.
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    Commented Jun 23, 2015 at 5:40

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Try these in the search bar(with clicking on the category name on the left side):

  • category:updates
  • category:forums
  • category:social
  • category:promotions

Three special category:

  • Purchases category:^smartlabel_receipt
  • Finance category:^smartlabel_finance
  • Travel category:^smartlabel_travel

Smart category is an experimental function of Gmail, seems no longer maintained.


Short answer

It's not possible to see which addresses were marked to be bundled to one of the system-bundled labels like Purchases.


Bundled labels criteria are not available to the user in the same way that Gmail filters are available through Settings > Filters . By the other hand, some features of Inbox by Gmail doesn't work in the same way that the similar functions in Gmail.


Review the email messages included in the desired system bundled labels.


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