I help to manage a Facebook page. We've filled in the "short description" field, and it's visible on our Facebook page's About tab. We've also filled in the "long description" field, but I wasn't able to figure out where the contents of this field were made visible to the public. Can the public see the contents of the field? If so, where?

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I temporarily logged out of Facebook, in order to experiment and discover the answer.

A page's About tab is divided up into sub-tabs, which may include "Overview", "Page Info", and/or "Milestones". For example, the Facebook page for Fog Creek Software includes both "Overview" and "Page Info".

I thought that the "Page Info" sub-tab was visible only to me, a page administrator, and was used only for modifying page settings and data. I was therefore hoping that the long description would be shown somewhere on the "Overview" sub-tab.

But I was wrong. It turns out the "Page Info" sub-tab is actually visible to the public; they simply see fewer fields. But they do indeed see the contents of the "long description" field right there on that sub-tab.

So it turns out that quite a few clicks are required for the user to see the contents of the "long description" field. If you prefer, you can instead describe your company or product in a pinned post on its page's timeline; that way, more users will see your words.

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