I know its issue management system has something similar implemented. From another issue, if we link to another issue (on GitHub of course) the latter will show the source from where it was linked:

GitHub link example

However, a better example of a web site that implements that feature really well would be Wikipedia:

Wikipedia example

The reason I am looking for this: I am interested in learning about other GitHub projects that are based off a project. For e.g.

ng-annotate is a npm project (hosted on GitHub). grunt-ng-annotate is, I believe, based on it. However, in the latter project there is a link saying ng-annotate, but it links to the npm page, which links to the first project I've mentioned.

I am interested in learning of any other projects that are based off ng-annotate.

  • You just want to know what branches there are? Jun 25, 2015 at 17:08

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After googling "find related github projects", I find this service: gazer.

It seems working perfectly.

In your case, ng-annotate related github projects yield many results.

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