I have asked a similar question before How to automatically increase the exponent in Google Spreadsheet?

But the new question is:

In a Google Spreadsheet, I put in the following numbers in a ROW, each number is an entry in the ROW.

100 100*1.01 100*1.01^2 100*1.01^3

The highest exponent of 1.01 is 3 for now. But I would like to keep filling this ROW until the exponent of 1.01 is 30. I can only do it by filling each entry in the ROW manually. How can I do this easier?

I tried

=100*power(1.01, COLUMN(1:1))

But this does not work.


You can use

=100*power(1.01, COLUMN(A:A))

(That is, replace 1 by A). Actually,

=100*power(1.01, COLUMN(A:A)-1)

would be better, as it allows you to apply the formula to all cells, including the very first one.

Also, the answer I gave to your other question works equally well here:

Put 100 in a cell (for example, B4), then enter in the cell to the right =1.01*B4, and extend the formula to the right.

  • thank you again. Is there anyway that I can reflect the exponent value in the cell rather than relative value like the one you suggest? – drdot Jun 26 '15 at 19:05
  • So put A instead of 1? – drdot Jun 26 '15 at 19:07
  • Yes, that would do it. – user79865 Jun 26 '15 at 19:07

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