I want to share a route between two places with some people, the plan being that we meet and follow this route together.

The new Google Maps has a (normally) nice feature that by default shows you several routes so you can choose one. When I've chosen my route, how do I hide the others?

I want to choose a route and send it (ideally with a live link), without provoking confusion or unnecessary debate by sending several options. But even when I select one route and go into step-by-step directions, the alternatives are still visible.

How do I show only my chosen route?

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Creating a custom map as per MaryC's answer is good if you want something you save permanently or embed and don't mind going through a multi-step process with a different UI to get there.

I also found a quick and easy alternative that uses only the regular Google Maps 'directions' UI.

Basically you just drag part of the path then drop it where it was:

  1. Set up directions as normal, hover over part of the path of the route you want:

enter image description here

  1. Drag, then drop it right where it was. You've now got only one route - and the URL of the page has auto-updated to point to this one route (you can also adjust the route if you want).

enter image description here


Create a custom map. There are directions for doing this in the new Google Maps in the answers here: How to highlight an entire route or way on an online map?

Once your custom maps is created, use the Share link to see the options for sharing it, or use the embed option if you want to put it into a website.

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