For every new Google Docs I would like to change the line spacing to 1.5.

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From Add titles, headings and customize the style of your document - Docs editors Help

Customize titles, subtitles, headings and text style

With styles, you can quickly customize the look of text in a Google document. Use the new styles toolbar menu to format text in your document.

  1. Highlight a selection of text with the font size and style that you'd like to use for normal text or a particular heading.
  2. Go to the styles toolbar menu, and click the arrow next to Normal text or Heading 1-6. Styles dropdown
  3. Select Update Heading X to match selection.
  4. All of the text in your document with the same text type, such as Heading 4 or Normal text, will be updated to match the font and font size of your initial selection.

Normal text

Normal text is the default text style of your document. If you update the style of normal text from the styles toolbar menu, the default text style of your document will change accordingly.

If you change the font style of normal text, the font style of the headings will update. If you want your headings to have a different font style than normal text, we recommend setting normal text style prior to setting heading text style.

Save default styles for your documents You can save customized styles to be used by default for new documents.

  1. Expand the styles drop-down menu.
  2. Point your mouse to Options.
  3. Select Save as my default styles.

Then, apply that style to a new document:

  1. Expand the styles drop-down menu.
  2. Point your mouse to Options.
  3. Select Use my default styles.

To restore your default styles to the default Google document styles:

  1. Follow Steps 1 and 2 above.
  2. Select Reset styles.

Edit and format a Google document - Docs editors Help


Update: As Rubén points out, there is a way to set default line spacing, but here are two other ways as well.

  1. You can create a blank document with the line spacing already changed, and just copy that Doc instead of creating a new one.
  2. You can submit a template with the line spacing you want, and then create from a new template instead of from a new Doc.

After searching in the official Google Doc Help documents it looks like that they don't have any option for default text formatting.

You may try searching for Google Docs add-ons that might help you set a default line spacing value for every doc you create, alternatively you may create your own Docs add-on to have it work as you need and use it by default, though the process of creating an add-on might be very difficult if you are not experienced in JavaScript programming.

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