I would like to receive an email notification when someone submits a form. I am on the free version.


Turn on this option to allow form administrators to be notified via email every time a user submits your form. Email notification options can set by clicking the Submission Settings button at the bottom of your Form's Build page. Your form's submission settings will display in the left-hand pane.

Click the corresponding On/Off button to enable Notification Emails. The first time you create a notification email, the notification email dialog will appear. Fill out the appropriate fields and then click the Save button.

Individual plans can have only one email notification per form.

To create an additional notifications, click the New Email link at the bottom of the Email Notifications section when that section is expanded. By default, this section will be collapsed and clicking on the title of the section will expand it so you can see all of the notifications.

Notification Emails

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