I want to add some photos I took with my phone camera to a Google Map I am working on. There are 4 options when editing a marker for adding content.

  • Google Image Search
  • URL
  • Video Search
  • Youtube URL

When I try to use the share link from the photo in my Google Photos I get the following error message: We can't find the image at that URL.
I've tried posting the photo on Google+ and sharing that link and I get the same error. There is no option for uploading an image from your local drive.

I would think something like this should be pretty basic. Can someone explain to me how to do this?

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The shareable link that you get from Google Photos cannot be used in many applications, it doesn't just show the picture, it also puts it in a display showing the date (and any other pictures that you have included in the same shareable link)

Instead, you need to:

  • In Google Photos, click into the picture you want to use, so it is the only one on the screen
  • Right click, and choose Copy Image URL (that's the option in Chrome, other browsers have slightly different words for the same action)
  • Paste that Image URL (not the shareable link) into the Image-URL field in Maps.

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