I use Google Maps in Firefox 39 on my Dell Vostro laptop with Windows 7. When I try to pinch to zoom (on the touchpad), the entire webpage zooms in and out instead of the map itself. In other words, the zoom action is intercepted by Firefox instead of delegating the action to Google Maps.

Is there any way to have Firefox delegate the zoom action to Google Maps without disabling the pinch-to-zoom gesture in Firefox altogether? I mean, I want "zoom-aware" web apps to handle zooming themselves, and let Firefox handle the zooming for "non-zoom-aware" websites. Is this possible?

I should note that if I try to scroll instead of pinch (by swiping the right hand side of the touchpad vertically) then Google Maps zooms in and out correctly, but I still prefer to pinch to zoom.

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  • I don't know why this was migrated here. This seems to be a browser problem, not a Web App problem. Even if it's the latter, that's probably something the developers need to address and not something fellow users can help with. Does it work properly with other browsers? – ale Jul 14 '15 at 18:58

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