I am using Gmail's Priority Inbox and I have created custom sections based on labels to organize my work email.

When I archive an email in my 'Important and unread' or 'Everything else' sections, they disappear from the section. This is what I want.

However, with my custom sections that are based on labels, emails remain shown, even though it has been archived.

Is there a way to hide archived emails from my custom sections?


It doesn't look like you can. When configuring a custom section for Priority Inbox, your option for messages is either:

Inbox and one of (Important and Unread, Important, Unread, Starred)


All from one particular label.

You can't define a search (label:my-label is:unread for instance) for a priority inbox section.


I realize this is quite old. But it comes up quite high in the search results when looking to solve this.

In the 2019 version of Gmail, you can click the 3-dots menu on the right side of the Archived label. Under In message list, select Hide. That will omit those messages from the Priority inbox.

  • Looks like the Archived label recently disappeared from the labels list. Archived messages can now be accessed from the All mail view, which seems to be the only way. Your solution seems therefore not applicable anymore. – Romainpetit Aug 22 '19 at 8:24

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