I have two Facebook pages. One is my personal page and another is my blog. All my videos are posting to my personal page. How can I change that to posting on my blog's Facebook page?

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I am guessing here posting YouTube video means you are sharing a video from YouTube to Facebook. If my guess is correct, here is the steps to share a video from YouTube to Facebook:

  • Open a video on YouTube.
  • Click on Share icon.
  • Select Facebook.
  • If you are already login it redirect to your wall and show a dropdown Share on your own Timeline.
  • Change Share on your own Timeline to Share on a page you manage.
  • Just downside of above dropdown menu, there will be another dropdown menu with all the page names which you manage.
  • Select any page on which you want share video and click on Post to Facebook.

Other case is if you are direct posting a link of video (or a video) on wall, make sure you are acting as "your blog's page" instead of "your account".

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