I create some Tags for our newsletter. Then the newsletter name changed ;-)

Can I rename a Bit.ly tag?

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I do not believe you are able to rename the tag directly, so the workaround you need to do is the following to change the tag from aaa to bbb:

  • Change the filter to display Only archived and Tags > bbb. Choose apply
  • It now displays all the archived links with this tag, retag each link with your newly created tag, bbb, and remove the references to aaa
  • Hit the X on the Archived filter above the links, and repeat the process of retagging with bbb, and removing references to aaa

Now since you have removed all references to aaa, and added references to bbb, you have renamed this tag. Tags not used doesn't display anywhere anymore.

  • Sometimes the removed tags disappear, and sometimes notes. Bit.ly is not entirely consistent in its behaviour here...
    – holroy
    Aug 15, 2015 at 21:32

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