For some unkown reason I have many duplicate contacts in my Google account. More than 18.000 duplicates. This causes big problem on Android devices.

I have tried several suggestions which I found in forums. Such as https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/gmail/WIUTlfWCe98 .

I made "Find duplicates" and then "Merged", but it didn't help.

I also tried using special android apps for duplicate contact deletion, but it didn't help either, as contact was reapearing from my google account.

Finally I realized I have one particular contact repeating for thousands times. I tried deleting it in https://contacts.google.com/preview/all, but it didn't help. Strangely contact is reapearing after deletion.

Any help?

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Finally I found the solution which works for me!

  1. Go to your Google contact page https://contacts.google.com/preview/all.

  2. Press "More" and then "Export".

    "More" menu

  3. Press "Go to Old Contacts".

  4. You will find old interface Google Contacts and there you will be able to review your "Other Contacts".

    "Other Contacts"

  5. I found all duplicates are inside "Other Contacts". Now we need to delete 18.000 duplicates.

  6. In order to quickly delete I pressed "Settings" and then selected 250 items to display per page.


  7. I used "Select All" and then "More" & "Delete". In around 15 minutes I managed to delete all duplicates (in batches of 250).

    "Other contacts" with no entries

  8. Finally I deleted all Android Contact using this solution: Droidiser: How to delete all contacts at once from any Android device and then synced Contact to the latest Google Contact status. Finally after so long time my contacts are fixed!

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