I volunteer with a non-profit that currently keeps their membership in a flaky Microsoft Access database. They've asked me for a recommendation on another solution. The requirements:

  • manage list of members and keep track of who has paid their membership fees and when their membership expires
  • print active membership lists
  • print mailing labels
  • allow people to self-register (desirable, not required)
  • allow people to pay membership dues online (desirable, not required)

So far in my googling I have come across Wild Apricot, Membee, Memberize, and Club Express.

Can anyone provide any recommendation from the above list based on my requirements, or a suggestion for another site?

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HHere's something that I think is perfect for what you are looking for:


It's open source solution for civic organizations, non-profits, etc. That means its free and can be customized to meet your specific needs if you employ a programmer. Professional help can be found on the professional help tab on top.

There's also zoho creator. Not as good, but is considered a simpler web 2.0 alternative to access. Found an app in the marketplace in zoho that is membership related but pales in comparison to civicCRM in my opinion: search marketplace for membership.

There's also: memplushome - search for that in google. but its expensive at least $400.

Good luck!

  • Great thank you, looks promising! – Michael Sharek Oct 21 '10 at 15:36

Dolibarr might be used even though it is not targeting non-profits exclusively: http://www.dolibarr.org


The most popular in France is probably Galette.

There seems to be an English version.

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