I'm looking to run a query in GoogleSheets using the GOOGLEFINANCE function to pull down a list of stocks reaching new 26-week highs (limited to US companies or perhaps more simply US stock markets).

A previous question resolved the issue of computing a specified stock's 26-week high price. I'm seeking to create lists throughout the day of stocks creating new 26-week highs for the day.

I've looked for an ImportHTML function solution but Google Finance Stock Screener does not have produce such lists.

Can anyone advise how to create such a stock-screen query or any other function in GoogleSheets using Google Finance's data to get the results?

  • I think that the core of your question is about asking for recommendations for a real-time stock data source. If this is right this question is off-topic here and it should be reworded and posted to Quantivative Finance Aug 2, 2015 at 14:34
  • @Rubén Google Finance already reports trading prices in real-time for US stocks. The "real-time" reference was made to avoid confusion with alternate sources, such as WSJ.com that publish 52-week data hourly. The reference is now removed. The question in short is how to make a stock screener in GoogleSheets, preferably using Google Finance's data.
    – P.D.
    Aug 2, 2015 at 15:05

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The GoogleFinance command retrieves prices for a particular stock, specified as the first argument of the command. In order to receive data for multiple stocks, you need multiple GoogleFinance commands, one for each stock.

Possible implementation:

  • Column A lists the stocks: GOOG, APPL, MSFT, etc.
  • Column B lists today's high, like B2 =GOOGLEFINANCE(A2,"high")
  • Column C lists 26-week high (as explained in my answer; the last option from there should be used to get a single-cell result).

Then, on another sheet, you put

=Query(Sheet1!A:C,"select * where B=C") 

or (to get only the stock symbols without prices)

=Query(Sheet1!A:C,"select A where B=C") 


  • You'll have to obtain and enter (copy/paste) the list of stocks yourself.
  • This is a data-intensive process, especially when many stocks are involved. You will likely find the spreadsheet sluggish, or will encounter an error when a Google server decides you are using too much of their resources.
  • A spreadsheet is not a trader's dashboard and should not be used as one.
  • Thanks. Google Finance has a disclaimer per your note. I'm looking to create the filtered list from the universe of US companies of the day's stocks making new 26-week highs. I understand from web searches that this sort of stock screen was possible before the Google Finance-specific APIs were made defunct (developers.google.com/finance). Do you know if there is a way to create Google Finance broad market stock screens using Google Sheets?
    – P.D.
    Aug 2, 2015 at 19:22

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