I have a sheet as below,

| A | B | C |
|jkl|123|No |

I want to get the output like,

| A | B | C |Count|
|abc|123|Yes|  2  |
|jkl|123|No |  1  |
|abc|567|Yes|  1  |

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See if this helps ?

=ArrayFormula(query({A1:C,C1:C}, "select Col1, Col2, Col3, count(Col4) where Col1 <> ''group by Col1, Col2, Col3 label count(Col4)''"))

A simple way would be to use a pivot table on a column where you data has been concatenated:

WA81111 example

The formula (copied down to suit) in D2 is:


and the pivot table created from selecting D1:D5, Data > Pivot table... and adding example to both Rows and Values with the latter adjusted to Summarise by: COUNTA.

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