I've noticed that when I click through to the actual posts of several of my feeds I'm subscribing to in Google Reader, I will get fed through a certain feedproxy.google.com link before been redirected to the actual site.

While this doesn't affect normal usage, in a recent visit to China I found that the Great Firewall seems to block URLs linking to that server. Is there anyway to configure/set up the feeds to avoid that proxy?

The proxy link does not seem appear for all my feeds.

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That's the URL for feeds that are powered by Feedburner. It offers a bunch of tools for the publisher, like number of subscribers, clickthroughs, etc.

Unless the publisher offers the original (or an alternate) feed there isn't a way to get around it. For blogs powered by WordPress, you can try adding /feed/ to the blog URL (http://www.example.com/feed/), but in many cases that will simply force you back to the Feedburner feed.


All feeds which are viewed in Google reader will Always go through the feedproxy.google.com if you click on view post(shortcut 'v'). This is a feature which Google reader has created to collect more information about what sort of information is viewed by the user.

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