If you go into Google Photos settings, you can see that there are two options for Upload size for photos and videos:

  • High quality (free unlimited storage) Great visual quality at reduced file size
  • Original Full resolution that counts against your quota

I have some videos uploaded, and it says that I have consumed several GB of space against my quota. How can I know which of my uploaded videos are counting against my quota and which were uploaded using the High quality setting?

The reason I want to know is so that I can download the ones that count against my quota (i.e. the original ones), and re-upload them using the High quality setting so that nothing counts against my quota.



Just go to this link, you can see that it summarizes all the information that you want to see as long as it is related to your account storage.


Google has a habit of combining all of our account in different services that they offer and because of that most of the time we are confuse. So here's the explanation regarding this link

General View:

enter image description here

If you hover your mouse at the graph you can see specifically the total free and consumed space in your storage.

enter image description here

Since I am using the High quality (free unlimited storage) settings in my photos and videos I can safely assume that there are 0.06 GB storage that consumes my storage.

Because of that we can assume that:

  1. It is still not converted to High quality (free unlimited storage)
  2. Maybe it is converted already but I didn't delete the original copy of it in my google drive.
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    Unfortunately, this doesn't tell how to tell if a specific video is using space or not. I need this because Google claims video up to "1080p" don't use space but it's unclear exactly what it counts as 1080p and I suspect some of my videos at x by 1080 resolution are being counted against my quota.
    – Michael
    Dec 27 '18 at 18:42

If you don't care about downloading them first, you can go to your settings page and click "Recover Storage." This will automatically downgrade your photos and videos as detailed here in the Google Photos Help page.

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