I was trying to discover what >> meant in java, I think it's some sort of operation but not sure, so I typed it into Google: Java ">>" and got the same results as for just Java.

Is there any way to search for special characters, like same way to 'break' like how \" is used to store " in a String instead of ending the String.


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Keep it simple and spell it out. For example:

  • "java two greater than signs"
  • "java double greater than signs"

Would both work. The same concept works for finding out what || means in bash:

  • "bash two pipes"

When in doubt, sound it out.


A search for term java operators brought me here


the symbol, according to the table:

shift   << >> >>>


assignment  = += -= *= /= %= &= ^= |= <<= >>= >>>=

also on stack overflow


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