In cell A4 I have name of sheet (e.g. Sheet1) w/ data values in cells B10:K10 that I would like to copy into cells C4:L4 of current sheet.

I'd like to use arrayformula function, however, I am having trouble getting function to recognize a valid 'sheet name'.

In cell C4, tried using =arrayformula('A4'!B$10:K$10)

I've also tried using 'indirect' function which works fine by itself (e.g. =indirect(C4&"!B$10")) for a single cell copy.

How can I merge both indirect and arrayformula together to get bulk 'live' copy to take effect?

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You don't need arrayformula to do this. Just enter


and you're done. This is an example of how

Many array formulas will be automatically expanded into neighboring cells, obviating the explicit use of ARRAYFORMULA -- https://support.google.com/docs/answer/3093275?hl=en

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